Chef's Bio

David Seaman

Executive Chef

Most bios start off with the person patting themselves on the back and listing all kinds of meaningless achievements. Not this one.

David doesn’t have anything to say about his achievements that aren’t said in the food he presents and cooks each day…he will let that do the talking.

Some personal stuff? His grandmother was his sole inspiration to want to cook.
He owns 3 cookbooks (all by the late Charlie Trotter), all of which he bought for the photography.
He have never used a recipe for anything other than pastry.

He gets his inspiration from the produce and meats that he has in front of him.

Every chef gets asked the eternal question: Death Row Meal? Simple, any form of pork, top it with poached eggs, a glass of Stella Artois, and a tray of fresh baked oatmeal cookies.

He has been the executive chef at Vargas since 2002.

Eddy Lai

Sushi Chef

Chef Eddy Lai has been our sushi chef since 2009.

He brought with him over 25 years of sushi making experience.

He learnt his trade at prestigious hotels in Hong Kong before bringing his skills to Montreal.

He gets his inspiration from fresh seafood and fresh produce that he works with daily.

Even when he is not making beautiful sushi creations at Vargas, he cooks beautiful, fresh, inspired at home for his family.

Death Row Meal? Raw Fugu, poison removed of course, fresh seafood, BBQ pork buns, rice and a cold Lite beer.

His incredible attention to detail and display show the passion he has for the artistry of sushi.